My babies have been the perfect test subjects for the countless projects I have on my “To Try” list… eager to paint and swirl shaving cream and try yoga poses, and easily paid with food and hugs. Pretty sweet.

Children learn by playing. And doing. And making mistakes. And trying again. And having fun! We make a lot of messes and we play outside a lot, and we talk and we are curious. We try to keep it pretty simple.

I’ve come to realize that I love sharing the process. I get so much inspiration from other mamas and teachers and artists. I’m hoping that this new project of mine will be a resource for anyone as obsessed with child development and integrating the arts in learning as I am! And I hope that others will share their brilliant ideas, or accidental successes, or complete and utter failures. Because sometimes these activities DON’T WORK. Not even a little bit. And sometimes my beautiful boys drive me bananas, but that’s still part of the process.

If you see something you like, share it! If you have a comment or question, reach out!