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crayon rubbings

There is just something about the smell of crayons. And don’t even get me started on the COLORS. Swoon. 

My boys love drawing with crayons. I originally planned this project to focus on found items from our walks outside. We collected pine needles, leaves, and blades of grass. 

Jackson has been all about letters and spelling words lately (another swoon), so as we were setting up our project table, I threw in a tray of my letter tracers. The boys helped me set up and Ready. Set. Go. 

J started with the letters. I started with the grass. L dumped the crayons out and took off with the tray.

We talked about varying pressure on the crayon and planning our layout before placing the paper on top. It ended up being a great exercise in spatial awareness and letter recognition.

Lucas drew for a bit, then decided to make crayon soup. Go for it, buddy. 

This was GREAT for letter identification. The look on Jackson’s face as he rubbed and discovered a new letter was PRICELESS. It was fun. And fun learning sticks. 

We are definitely going to do this again soon, and we’ve started brainstorming ways to extend the fun. Do you have any more?

  • numbers or shapes tracers
  • spell names
  • spell sight words
  • switch colors
  • outline or trace letters from rubbings to further reinforce letter formation
  • bring the paper outside and explore textures on tree bark, driveway pavement, large stones



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