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thwap painting

The cashier at the grocery store probably thought we have a major bug problem. Actually, we have a painting addiction. 

This one should really be done outside. Really. You’ve been warned. 

THWAP! *giggle* 

THWAP! THWAP! *giggle giggle*

This project was messy, and crazy (wind!), and awesome! We rolled out a huge piece of paper from our easel roll, weighed it down with rocks, picked colors for the plates, and that was it! The boys LOVED whacking the paint, and the paper, and the rocks, and me, and each other a few times. I had a few small foam rollers that we added as another tool, but they really were only interested in the swatters. 

We talked about color mixing, patterns, shadows, force and spatter, sounds, and on and on. They worked together to create something, which was worth more to this mama than anything else. 

A few notes… the paint dries FAST in the sun. We moved our second piece to a shady spot and the boys spent more time mixing the colors and making handprints. 

As you can tell, we made a huge mess. Jackson remembered our marble painting project and asked if we could wash off in the water table. My thoughts exactly, buddy. 

These babies are now hanging in our kitchen!


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