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spring grass haircuts

There is just something about spring. Color and growth and life. Hooray! Jackson and I recently started this gardening project I spotted on Red Ted Art, and it has been a blast!

Materials you’ll need: potting soil, grass seed, a pair of nylon tights or socks, a scoop, cups or small pots, decorations for the face, and glue.

I don’t have too many pictures from making these babies, because we had our hands deep in soil and it was a two-person project! We didn’t measure (I’m turning into my mama cooking), but we probably used a few tablespoons of grass seed and two cups of soil, enough to make a sizable ball. I held the tights open while Jackson scooped, first the seed, then the soil. I knotted the fabric, then plopped it in a cup with some water. The fabric hanging down in the cup wicks the water up into the soil.

Once we had our heads formed, we added faces. We used googly eyes, pom pom noses, and felt mouths, but you could use anything. Jackson recently asked if we could add shoes! You could use a hot glue gun or Elmer’s to attach the faces.

Note: Our noses and mouths have fallen off once in the last few weeks. 


I think it happened when the soil got particularly damp, but I waited until it dried a bit and re-glued. Toddler crisis resolved.

I named my guy Bill. Jackson named his guy Bill. We put the Bills in the kitchen window and checked them every day to see if they needed more water (about every other day), and talking about sunshine and water and soil and nutrients and all that good spring stuff.

Fast forward 8 days and BAM! Grass hair! I think I was more excited than Jackson. Actually, I KNOW I was more excited than Jackson. We waited another week until it got really crazy and then it was finally hair cut day! 

This was a fabulous excuse for scissor practice, but it was mostly just hilarious fun. 


And the best part? It’s already re-growing and we’re going to get to do it again.

Til next time, Bills… Happy Spring!


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