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mother’s day flowers with vegetable stamps

I bought bok choy one time at the store, and Jackson asked if we could stamp with it. I got a crazy look from the lady next to us. Totally worth it. Arts for life people!

This has been one of my favorite painting activities to repeat. It comes out different every time, but it’s always gorgeous. This year Jackson did his own cutting! We’re going to give these to the grandmothers on Mother’s Day. 

We started out with the stems. You could make these in a ton of different ways, including paint, finger paint, torn paper, pipe cleaners, or tissue paper. We’re big on scissor practice right now, so we cut ours out of a bunch of green paper scraps. 

We varied the height and overlapped some. Glue the strips onto craft paper. (Tip: When the ends stick off the bottom, just even it out with scissors if you’re going for a clean look or putting this in a frame.)

I know I’m biased, but how cute are Jackson’s stems?!

Now for the flowers. We used celery and bok choy. Just chop the end off. Isn’t nature incredible? Such a beautiful design hiding in plain sight. 

Once you have your stamps, just dip in a bit of paint. If you have too much on the end it’ll muddy up the print, but just keep stamping and it will lighten and start to show detail again.

Voilà! Happy Mother’s Day!


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