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A friend posted this idea on my Facebook page, and I had to try it! Originally from Learning 4 Kids on Pinterest (whoa social media), this activity uses cardboard tubes to make fireworks. How fun for the Fourth of July!

Prep was simple: cut slits (of the same length) around one side of a cardboard tube and bend back. I used paper towel and toilet paper tubes to vary the size of the “fireworks”. 

A tip for those starting this one: Don’t use too much paint! I tried to push it a bit so I wouldn’t have to keep refilling the plates, but it made the cardboard mushy and they soon lost their shape. The kids didn’t care, but they didn’t look like fireworks for long! I ended up ripping some of them in half and that worked well to finish the project. 

Looking back, I think these actually look like squid! Maybe we’ll add them to our ocean wall!

After a few laps around the deck, we did one of our patented water table cleanups, which turned into mud puddles and watering the tomatoes. 

A pretty solid summer afternoon. 


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