wet chalk octopus

Time to add to the ocean wall! Jackson asked for an octopus project and this is what we came up with.

First, we googled images of octopuses (octopuses? octopi?) and Jackson picked out one he liked. Then I drew something nothing like it (hey, I tried!) on watercolor paper.

J colored the other side of the paper with wet chalk. After it dried, I cut out the octopus and Jackson used a q-tip and glue to add buttons for suckers. And googly eyes. Three of them. Obviously.

While Jackson worked on the suckers, Lucas played his favorite game, Dump and Collect, with a cup of buttons and googly eyes. 

He was happy as a clam (ocean reference intended), I missed half of Jackson’s work making sure his brother wasn’t eating buttons, and the octopus came out great. Jackson named it Tree. Can’t make this stuff up. Love these boys!


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