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Oobleck never gets old. 

Mix 2 cups of cornstarch with 1 cup of water (we doubled that for this bin) and add food coloring. You will get the craziest goop you have ever seen. 

This stuff is so cool. It is hard as a rock, then melts into a puddle through your fingers. The texture is mesmerizing. This is an awesome science activity for the little ones, and provides lots of opportunities for imaginative play, language development, and cooperation. Plus it’s just FUN! 

We used scoops, funnels, and colanders to manipulate the oobleck, and when the boys were done, I added more water and they made potions and stews and soups. (Stone Soup is a favorite right now. It’s amazing to see the boys use language and concepts from our stories in their play. This is how kids LEARN.)

Not a ton of pictures this time, because I was covered in oobleck, but we had a blast. This stuff makes a mess, for sure, but it washes right off (people and the deck) with water. 

Take advantage of the warm weather to try a messy outside project! Your kids will love it. You might, too!


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