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I put together a quick invitation to play for the boys this morning, stringing pasta onto yarn.

Jackson really got into it… stringing, making patterns, counting, switching between yarn. 

Lucas worked hard on the process for a bit. He especially loved hanging the yarn over the side of the table and watching the pasta slide all the way down! Then it was onto dumping and scooping the pasta, and banging it on the cookie sheet (great for containing these projects with lots of moving parts). 

After a while, I introduced pipe cleaners. It’s pretty amazing how one little switch can completely change a project. With the added sturdiness of the pipe cleaners, Lucas was able to focus on the pasta and he created some great pieces! (Tip: I looped one end of the pipe cleaner around a piece of pasta to create a stopper.)

They were having so much fun with the pasta, and manipulating the pipe cleaners, that I added one more item. I am a sucker for wooden beads, and today I discovered my boys are, too. We talked about the different colors and shapes, about patterns and textures, and about the process. They made bracelets for themselves, for me, and even one for daddy when he gets home. 

The focus and concentration were incredible. And aren’t these the sweetest? It’s the simple things…


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