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hot wheels

My family LOVES hotwheels and we’ve been on a major kick this week. Here are a few of the ways we’ve been using them…

color sorting

The little guy and I made our very own hotwheels bar graph. This simple activity took no prep or money and gave us some awesome teaching moments. Sorting, color identification, making a line, counting, the concept of more/less… so much good stuff. 

We’ve had tracks for a while, but this time I wanted to add something different. We taped one end of each track to a kitchen chair and bam. So much fun. The boys loved trying each car and truck. Would it go fast or slow? Would it stay on the track or shoot off the end? Would it knock the other car off the track? It was like one giant science experiment.


This one was a moment of mama genius (in a sea of mom brain). Lucas loved arranging the cardboard tubes, sliding then on and off the tracks. Jackson loved that they were tunnels. Would the cars make it through? Why did that one get stuck when the other one didn’t? Speed, force, motion, object permanence, comparisons… A simple activity, but with so much learning. Play matters. Kids learn through play. Let them play!


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