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Holiday = an excuse to do lots of activities and decorate the playroom! Here’s a peek into how we celebrated Easter.

First, a new favorite: wet chalk tape resist eggs. Easy prep, fun process, beautiful results. I spotted wet chalk a while ago on Meri Cherry (if you haven’t checked her out yet, DO IT and be inspired) and eggs seemed like the perfect time to try it! J and I did this project while Lucas was napping, but the next time we use it we’ll get the whole crew involved. It was a blast and a great option for a multi-age group!

To prep, I cut egg shapes out of heavy craft paper and taped them to a piece of cardboard for support. Jackson helped me place strips of tape. (I used painters tape. We’re in the middle of a renovation and I literally have a roll in my silverware drawer.) The more the strips cross each other, the more complex the design. Jackson did NOT want to cross ANY tape strips. He’s 3.


Now, for the COLOR! Dip the chalk into water and draw! So simple. So beautiful. You can overlap and mix colors (a good lesson!) or keep them separate to create color blocks. We ended up blending colors with our fingers. The cardboard did add some texture to our pieces, so if you want a more even finish you can do this directly on a table. [Hmm… wet chalk rubbings? I spy another project!]

IMG_3730 (1)


Let the eggs dry completely before removing the tape or it will pull at the paper and leave jagged edges.

IMG_3735 (1)

How bout that?! Love these eggs, and this process.


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