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crayon rubbings

There is just something about the smell of crayons. And don’t even get me started on the COLORS. Swoon.  My boys love drawing with crayons. I originally planned this project to focus on found items from our walks outside. We collected pine needles, leaves, and blades of grass.  Jackson has been all about letters and… Continue reading crayon rubbings

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mother’s day flowers with vegetable stamps

I bought bok choy one time at the store, and Jackson asked if we could stamp with it. I got a crazy look from the lady next to us. Totally worth it. Arts for life people! This has been one of my favorite painting activities to repeat. It comes out different every time, but it’s… Continue reading mother’s day flowers with vegetable stamps

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painting sticks 

My kids LOVE sticks. Any project that starts with collecting sticks is a hit in their book. Actually, the first collection of sticks became a batch of stick stew in our driveway, so we ended up doing a second stick hunt. Oh darn. Once we had our sticks, the next step was paint. I used… Continue reading painting sticks