spring tree blossoms 

It’s SPRING! I want to plant ALL THE THINGS! Because this can’t happen, we’re going to do the next best thing… add to our playroom tree.

When last we left our tree (it really should have a name, shouldn’t it?) it was a good, sturdy trunk with the beginnings of leaves.

But now it’s spring (most days), and time for some color! Jackson and I became a 2-person blossom factory.

All you’ll need to make these beauties is some tissue paper, glue, a paint brush, and craft paper that can take a little (or with a toddler, sometimes A LOT) of glue and keep it’s basic shape. I used a glass to trace circles, cut pieces of tissue paper, and we were ready to go.

I thought this project might be fun for J, but whoa. He. Was. ENTRANCED. I probably could have turned on Curious George and he still would have picked the blossoms. We ended up making way more than I had planned. Yay spring! Happy tree!

The process itself was pretty simple. A dab of glue on the circle. Spread it out with the paint brush. Crinkle tissue paper and stick to the glue. Repeat. A great fine motor activity for little ones, and a beautiful finished product. Win Win.

Lucas and daddy helped us place them on the tree and we’ve been loving them ever since! Maybe a bird nest next?

Happy Spring!



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